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The goal of this site is to present all Mars settlement related news and facts in a beautiful and jargon-free manner.

While there will be a heavy SpaceX focus, this is because they are the only ones actually working this problem.  We hope that this changes soon.

This site’s founder is a true believer in the mission of making humans a multi-planet dwelling species.  Why?

Because I love life of all kinds, humans included.  Right now all known life is dependent on Earth being a nice place.  There are a few events that could change that, nuclear war, an asteroid, or a super volcano.  The first one is only a few digits and key turns away from occurring, the latter two are things that have happened before, and will happen again.  Until we backup civilization to another planet, we could disappear forever.
First stop: Mars Base Alpha.

We are currently looking for a lead graphic designer, editor, and content manager.  If you choose to become part of MarsBaseAlpha.com, you will have real ownership of the company with a vote in all matters.  If we choose to monetize the site, you will get a share of the revenue.  The founder of this site believes that a for-profit venture with an altruistic goal is the best way to make the site succeed.  However, you will have a vote in this matter as well.

Please leave a reply below if you are interested.  Please include any previous experience and examples of your work.

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  1. Jonathan Starr says: Reply

    I want to make articles for this site. You didn’t post an email address how am I supposed to contact the site operators? The last post was 1.5-2 years ago does that mean this site is abandoned? Is the domain for sale if so how much. If you want/need to disappear this comment go for it but I really would like to talk to you. Please advise.


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