• The Train to Mars
  • The Plan to Get There – Elon Musk presents the Interplanetary Transport System

    The first humans on Mars look out of the airlock to see a sunset or sunrise.

    Well folks, we are going to Mars.  There is an actual plan for transport to the red planet.  It was recently outlined by CEO/CTO of SpaceX, Elon Musk. Let’s start with this gorgeous video of SpaceX’s Interplanetary Transport System through all phases of flight.   Great!  A huge new rocket and some pretty renderings! But plans are […]

  • The Train to Mars
  • Elon Musk discloses a smaller ITS and cancellation of Red Dragon at NASA’s ISS R&D Conference.

    Is Red Dragon Cancelled?

    During the latest International Space Station R&D Conference Elon Musk mentioned some big changes to the Interplanetary Transport System and Red Dragon as was outlined last year. The Red Dragon – A Dragon V2 capsule launched to Mars on the Falcon Heavy – will likely be cancelled.  This is due to the fact that NASA’s […]

  • The Train to Mars
  • Mars Colonization – A Kerbal Space Program simulation video of SpaceX’s ITS

    Mark Thrimm and Marcus House have produced this in-depth video simulating initial landings on Mars.  Mr. Thrimm has a done a great job creating custom models for Kerbal Space Program based on SpaceX’s Interplanetary Transport System.  This video is a rare combination of entertainment and scientific accuracy, but don’t take our word for it, take a look […]

  • The Train to Mars
  • Josh Sherrington’s video explains the Interplanetary Transport System with original animations

    Cartoon drawing of a city on Mars

    Designer and space enthusiast Josh Sherrington has just released a great short video explaining the basic concepts, challenges, and possible future of the Interplanetary Transport System. Josh created all of animations in this video. If you like his style, check out his Earth Flag design at www.earthflag.co.uk. The full transcript is below, used with the author’s […]